“Edward VI and the Pope” on Twitter

EDWARD VI 1537-1553 was the long-awaited heir of King Henry VIII, the object of his father’s life long policy, to secure the Tudor dynasty. His religious education was in the hands of Thomas Cranmer. One result was Edward’s complete & thorough conversion to Protestant Reform. pic.twitter.com/z3NAidGbpq — SPIRITUAL LIVES (@ken_kalis) December 21, 2019 2019-12-21   … Continue reading ““Edward VI and the Pope” on Twitter”

Knight Letter № 100

In July 2018, the members of the LCSNA (Lewis Carroll Society of North America) received the 100th Knight Letter. (A friend told me that the caterpillar (here without hookah) on the front page is a Hickory Horned Devil.) Also in this issue, Goetz Kluge makes the case that a seventeenth-century engraving may have influenced Henry … Continue reading “Knight Letter № 100”

Favourite Tweets

About 10 years ago I found out that Henry Holiday's Snark illustrations contained several references to artwork from other artists, father+son Marcus Gheeraerts among them. John Tufail's suggestion (the night sky as a map) made me search for a Gheeraerts painting with a map. pic.twitter.com/6gBJhThN9K — Goetz Kluge (@Bonnetmaker) January 30, 2019   @snark150 is … Continue reading “Favourite Tweets”

The Baker’s 42 Boxes

The Baker’s 42 boxes (MG011) might be a reference to Thomas Cranmer’s 42 Articles. The Baker’s 42 Boxes are the original Protestant Articles of 1553, with Thomas Cranmer’s name on each. Angus MacIntyre, The Reverend Snark, Jabberwocky 23(1994): 51-52   I suggest that this belongs to Carroll’s references to Thomas Cranmer. A Baker is exposed … Continue reading “The Baker’s 42 Boxes”

Being Unwise

According to Karen Gardiner, “it would be unwise for anyone to imply that they have found the answer to the book’s mystery.” The book is Lewis Carroll’s and Henry Holiday’s The Hunting of the Snark (1876). I started my Snark hunt in December 2008. Initially I probably had been quite unwise. That might explain the … Continue reading “Being Unwise”