Snarked Beagle

1834-04-16, HMS Beagle laid ashore at Tierra del Fuego, Santa Cruz river, 50.1125°S and 68.3917°W.

The poster is a PDF file which contains a vectorized image. You can use it for big posters. All fans of Charles Darwin will enjoy it.

PRINTER TROUBLE: I found out that the image in the PDF file cannot be reliably printed on a big network printer under MS-Windows. (My cheap inkjet network printer at home driven by a PC with Linux performs well.) In case of trouble you may try BeagleLaidAshoreSnarked.svg.7z or a high resolution pixel graph as an alternative.

The print is based on a drawing by Conrad Martens. The etching has been published in Francis Darwin, Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, p. 160, 1888. (Already in 1838 Conrad Martens’ drawing has been engraved by Thomas Landseer and published by H. Colburn in The Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of HMS Adventure and Beagle.)

This image is an assemblage: I took the liberty to add two persons (drawn by Henry Holiday and cut by Joseph Swain in Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark) to the image. But I didn’t touch the vessel. Frame the image and give it to friends and family. You don’t necessarily have to tell them about the little easter egg in Conrad Martens and Thomas Landseer’s artwork.


2017-09-23, update: 2023-04-16

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