Religion, Reform, Rebuilding

Oxford issues?

[…] Dodgson, a traditionalist, lived in Oxford at the time when the city was violently at war with itself – about religion, about reform, and about rebuilding. He was outraged at the sum being spent on a New History Museum. He disapproved of Dean Liddell’s plan of a new Tom Tower. He clung to the Old Testament scheme of creation at the time when TH “Bulldog” Huxley was debating for evolution with “Soapy Sam” Wilberforce. […]

Source (Miranda Seymour, 2005-09-30, about The Red King’s Dream by Elwyn Jones and Francis Gladsstone Cape)

Beyond Alice:

013    A Billiard-marker, whose skill was immense,
014        Might perhaps have won more than his share —
015    But a Banker, engaged at enormous expense,
016        Had the whole of their cash in his care.

161    “The fourth is its fondness for bathing-machines,
162        Which it constantly carries about,
163    And believes that they add to the beauty of scenes —
164        A sentiment open to doubt.

201    “ ‘You may seek it with thimbles—and seek it with care;
202        You may hunt it with forks and hope;
203    You may threaten its life with a railway-share;
204        You may charm it with smiles and soap —’ ”

269    Then the Banker endorsed a blank cheque (which he crossed),
270        And changed his loose silver for notes.
271    The Baker with care combed his whiskers and hair,
272        And shook the dust out of his coats.

The Blank Cheque” was the title of a satirical squib by Lewis Carroll on the decision of the Oxford university to establish a new building for written examinations and interviews.

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