Annotations to Annotations

References in to Martin Gardner’s annotations to The Hunting of the Snark: 07: What I tell you three times is true. Chaos, Co-Ordinated by John MacDougal (pseudonym of Robert Lowndes & James Blish), p. 36~57 in Astounding Science Fiction, October 1946 11: the Baker’s 42 boxes 13 and 14: the Baker’s hot names 15: … Continue reading “Annotations to Annotations”

Carroll & Religion

Mental Troubles Charles Darwin Thomas Cranmer Burning the Baker (by Goetz Kluge, Knight Letter № 100, 2018) Faiths Victorie in Romes Crueltie Seven Coats Thomas Cranmer’s Burning Articles of Christian faith are Axioms 42 Articles & Eschatology C.L. Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), Eternal Punishment,pp. 345-355 in The Lewis Carroll picture book, 1899 The Baker’s 42 boxes … Continue reading “Carroll & Religion”

The Baker’s 42 Boxes

The Baker’s 42 boxes (MG011) might be a reference to Thomas Cranmer’s 42 Articles. The Baker’s 42 Boxes are the original Protestant Articles of 1553, with Thomas Cranmer’s name on each. Angus MacIntyre, The Reverend Snark, Jabberwocky 23(1994): 51-52   I suggest that this belongs to Carroll’s references to Thomas Cranmer. A Baker is exposed … Continue reading “The Baker’s 42 Boxes”

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