Snarks Have Five Unmistakable Marks

As I reported in the Associations Blaster (2014-03-08), Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and Henry Holiday kept a Snark as a pet. They fed it with «greens», but as growing greens led to horrible electricity bills, Dodgson and Holiday could not afford to keep their Snark any longer. It took many years until 2014, before in Colorado … Continue reading “Snarks Have Five Unmistakable Marks”

Snark Hunters

Google: past week LC Forum Children’s Theatre Reviews Herbjørn Andresen BaconJudge (redditor) Philo M. Buck Michael Everson Thomas Farley Günther Flemming Mary Hammond Karen Gardiner Martin Gardner Markian Gooley Marco Graziosi Amy Green Henry Holiday Doug Howick Nina Lyon Angus MacIntyre Adriano Orefice Klaus Reichert Louise Schweitzer Mahendra Singh William Skaggs Oliver Sturm John … Continue reading “Snark Hunters”

Religion, Reform, Rebuilding

Oxford issues? […] Dodgson, a traditionalist, lived in Oxford at the time when the city was violently at war with itself – about religion, about reform, and about rebuilding. He was outraged at the sum being spent on a New History Museum. He disapproved of Dean Liddell’s plan of a new Tom Tower. He clung … Continue reading “Religion, Reform, Rebuilding”

The Banker

013    A Billiard-marker, whose skill was immense, 014        Might perhaps have won more than his share— 015    But a Banker, engaged at enormous expense, 016        Had the whole of their cash in his care. 077    The Beaver’s best course was, no doubt, to procure 078    … Continue reading “The Banker”