Paranoiac Critical Lacemaker

※ Johannes Vermeer: The Lacemaker (1669-1671)
※ Salvatore Dalí: “paranoiac critical” allusion (1958) to Vermeer’s The Lacemaker; mirror view of the print.

In 1955, Dalí made several copies and variations of Veermer’s Lacemaker, also a “rhinocerotic” and a another “paranoiac critical” version. The 1958 print was produced by shooting nails at a metal plate. The printing process then of course produced a mirrored image.

In September 2013, artwork from Dalí had been exhibited in the Künstlerhaus in Munich. The exhibits belong to the collection of Richard H. Mayer (Kunstgalerie Böttingerhaus Bamberg). Among the objects also was one of the prints made in 1958. Interestingly, no hint was given that mirroring Dalí’s print could help to understand the allusion. Once rendered in mirror view (as shown above on the right side), Dalí’s print is not so abstract anymore.

2013-09-15, updated: 2024-05-07

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