Snark @ Mastodon

    I run the microblog Henry Holiday’s Snark on a Mastodon “instance” (that’s how servers are called at Mastodon): If you are a Mastodon user, you can send direct messages to me.
    You don’t need an own Mastodon account to look at my posts (“toots” in Mastodon lingo) in Henry Holiday’s Snark. Many of my posts in that microblog are embedded in

    While the focus of is on Henry Holiday’s illustrations to The Hunting of the Snark, is the snarkologists’ (e.g. from place for scholarly Snark hunting in Carroll’s tragicomedy and related works. Some of the posts in that microblog are embedded in

  • Privacy policies:
    As for embedded Mastodon posts in, only the privacy policies of,, and are relevant.
  • Twitter:
    I won’t delete @Snark150, but by now I prefer Mastodon. was opened in April 2022 already.


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