Hell Mouth

The Beaver’s best course was, no doubt, to procure
 A second-hand dagger-proof coat —
So the Baker advised it — and next, to insure
 Its life in some Office of note:

This the Banker suggested, and offered for hire
 (On moderate terms), or for sale,
Two excellent Policies, one Against Fire,
 And one Against Damage From Hail.


I think that an illustration by Henry Holiday to The Hunting of the Snark contains a reference to the print The Image Breakers by Marcus Gheeraerts the elder. And this print again could contain a reference to the depiction of the “hell mouth” shown below.

Les Visions du chevalier Tondal

Detail from www.getty.edu/art/collection/objects/1502/simon-marmion-and-david-aubert-les-visions-du-chevalier-tondal-franco-flemish-1475

Title of the source painting:
Les Visions du chevalier Tondal

Simon Marmion (Flemish, active 1450 – 1489)
and David Aubert (Flemish, active 1453 – 1479)


Ghent Belgium Valenciennes France (Place created)


Tempera colors, gold leaf, gold paint, and ink on parchment tipped into a binding of wood boards covered with brown calf

Leaf: 36.3 × 26.2 cm (14 5/16 × 10 5/16 in.)


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