Lewis Carroll

Photographic self portrait (c. 1875) by Lewis Carroll, and its inclusion into an illustration by Henry Holiday and Joseph Swain (engraver) to Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark.

The images (from left to right):

Remark regarding the photo: Sometimes the photo (which I use in my comparison) depicting Carroll/Dodgson in his mid forties on a arm chair is dated 1895. That cannot be correct. The year 1895 could apply to the photo (Carroll/Dodgson in his sixties on a sofa) which you see on the right side of this paragraph, but not to the photo which I use for my comparison. That chair is no sofa. John Ruskin sat in that chair when Dodgson (Carroll) took his portrait in 1875. “Carroll stopped taking photographs in 1880 in order to focus on writing and other academic pursuits.” The year 1895 might be the date when the photo had been registered somewhere. 1895 was written under that photo in the Wikipedia on 2018‎-05-08, but later had been removed. Compare it to the other photos showing Carroll at about the same age. Actually, I think that Holiday’s and/or Swain’s reference to the photo (Carroll/Dodgson in his mid forties on a arm chair) is good enough to say, that the photo had been taken before 1876.

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