I tweeted this comparison between a Snark illustration by Henry Holiday and a painting by Matthias Grünewald as a comment to a tweet about an exhibit in the Musée Unterlinden. The painting is in a panel of the Isenheim Altarpiece which is exhibited in that Museum. They liked and retweeted the comparison.


I assume that Henry Holiday alluded to a printed low resolution reproduction of Grünewald’s painting. The image in the top of this page alsp has a relatively low resolution. You don’t see all the details as if your vision would be blurred. That isn’t necessarily bad: When looking closer, the kittens might softly and suddenly vanishe away. Fed with so much detail, your brain probably will stop to try building a zoomorphic (or anthropomorphic in another case) picture from the whole scene. But you will discover a coat of arms which belongs to Guido Guersi de Delphinato, the preceptor who commissioned the altarpiece for the main altar of the Antonite Monastery near Colmar.

See also heraldique_fr @ twitter (2018-06-20).

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2017-09-13, updated: 2021-02-09