Constructing Carroll

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There also is another infamous collage used in the Internet. It was made by David O’Kane, 2005, combining elements from
(1) a self portrait by C.L. Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll),
(2) CLD’s photo (1860) of the three Liddell sisters,
(3) a photo showing O’Kane’s own features.
(Source: p. 146, Alice in Transmedia Wonderland, by Anna Kérchy, 2016)

※ The image of the Liddell sisters has been taken from NPG: mw66627.
※ See also (from Alice no país das bobagens … [Alice in the country of nonsense …]).

In both photo collages shown above, an image of Alice Liddell was mounted into another photo. The photos are an example how images of Lewis Carroll have been constructed.

As for C.L. Dodgson’s original photos, there are about 30 nude photos among roughly 2800 photos taken by C.L. Dodgson which in an investigation based on 21st century law could serve as evidence against
※ the 19th century photographer and
※ the 19th century parents of the depicted girls.

Unsurprisingly, some 21th century rules and values still were not known in the 19th century.

(As for the 2800 photos, see page 5 in the Knight Letter № 102 in Chris Morgan’s report about the March 2019 meeting of the LCSNA, where Edward Guiliano spoke about Dodgson’s photography and illustrations.)

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Today I found this collage on Twitter. The head of C.L Dodgson had been transplanted from his self portrait into the collage. The head of Alice is from a photo of the three Liddell sisters.

Actually, in this case you even do not need to know the original images of in order to find out that the imagage of Dodgson’s face has been inserted into the photo, because the person who manipulated the photo forgot to turn the photo into a gray scale only image, that is, the chroma components of the face taken from the brownish self portrait had not been fully removed. Increase the chroma saturation of the image and you see the colors again. (The colors around the face probably are JPEG artefacts.)