A Bonnet

The Snark hunters.

  • [left]: Mirror view of The Image Breakers (1566-1568) by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder. (I could have drawn a second yellow box. What do you think?)
  • [right]: Henry Holiday’s depiction of a bonnet (the hat, not the sail) and the maker of Bonnets and Hoods in Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark (1876)

Why do artists hide images in images and why do some people think that artists hide images in images? As a beholder of images with presumably “hidden” elements, you might want to be cautious before seeing images in images. You might be diagnosed with pareidolia and with going to far with your search for meaning. As for Henry Holiday, I think that there are several other reasons why he could have hidden images in images:

I am not sure about the comparison shown above,
at least not as sure as about the image shown below:

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2017-09-27, update: 2020-03-05

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