Lightly Gummed in

1875-10-25: «Finished the verses [] and sent them to Mrs. Chataway, asking leave to print them. I think they might do for a dedication to the book, which I think of calling The Hunting of the Snark. It also occurs to me that such a publication would give me a good opportunity of circulating two papers (which might be lightly gummed in), one a new “Christmas greeting” to my 40,000 child-readers, the other an advertisement for a house (and garden perhaps) in or near London, where I might put up a studio, and take portraits for about a month each summer. It might be used at other times by some other photographer.»

Source: Edward Wakeling (Ed.), Lewis Carroll’s Diaries, Vol. 6, 2001, p. 428, see also

Wakeling added a footnote: «The delay in publication [because Henry Holiday couldn’t provide all illustrations until December 1875] resulted in the Christmas Greeting [] becoming the Easter Greeting (see Handbook [The Lewis Carroll Handbook edited by Williams, Madan, Green and Crutch (Dawson: 1979)], pp. 92-95). See also 5 February and 22 March below. The advertisement for a photographic studio in London did not materialize.»


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