Golden Age

Henry Holiday’s illustrations to The Hunting of the Snark in the FB group The Golden Age: Painting & Illustration 1850-1950:

No further images will be posted in that group. I also cannot predict whether the Snark images will stay in that group. In case you have questions, please send me a PM on Facebook.

This image was not accepted by the The Golden Age: Painting & Illustration 1850-1950 group owner:Frida Kahlo – Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States (1932)

I tried to contact the book shop “Golden Thread Rare Books” operated by the group owner. “You cannot perform that action”, but I got invited “to have a look at some of our books”. The proposed category: “Erotica”. So probably it’s not incidental that quite a few posts in that group are soft porn kitsch. And where depictions of nudes are masterpieces, juicy comments turn them into porn.

For a more civilized group (albeit focusing on illustrations and not fine art paintings), you might want to look at Golden Age of Illustrations. There you also find all Snark illustrations by Henry Holiday.

Other links:

  • Henry Holiday’s nine illustrations and the Ocean Chart
    (50MB, high resolution pixel graphics scanned from an 1st edition of The Hunting of the Snark)

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