Snipplets from “Essays and Reviews”

Snipplets from William Whitla, Victor Shea (editors), Essays and Reviews: The 1860 Text and Its Reading, 2000

About C.L. Dodgson’s reference to Revd. Benjamin Jowett‘s “take care of words” in On the Interpretation of Scripture:

p. 477: Benjamin Jowett, “On the Interpretation of Scripture“, §2
(See also:

p. 485: «[…] The advice has, indeed, been given to the theologian that he ‘should take care of words and leave things to themselves;’ the authority, however, who gives the advice is not good—it is placed by Goethe in the mouth of Mephistopheles. […] 23» (Mephistopheles: Haltet euch an Worte!)

p. 546: Footnote 23: «[…] the Duchess’s moral “Take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themselves.” […]»

Links to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (text only):
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