Centennial Snark Errata

Errata to the first “Trade Edition” of Lewis Carroll (poem), Martin Gardner (annotator), Henry Holiday (Illustrator), Charles Mitchell (Contributor), Selwin H. Goodacre (Contributor), The Hunting of the Snark, 1876/1981 (William Kaufmann Inc) (Goodreads) (LCNSA)


When the first printing of the “Trade Edition” of The Hunting of the Snark was photographically reproduced from the original materials generated by The Meriden Gravure Company and the Stinehour Press, there was an unfortunate scrambling of some of the plates. As a result the following errata exist:

  • Plate XXV: Image printed in reverse
  • Plate XXVI: Image transposed with that of plate XXXVI
  • Plate XXVIII: Reproduces the proof (plate XXXVIII), not the drawing
  • Plate XXIX: Image printed in reverse Plate XXXVI: Image transposed with that of plate XXVI

In addition, the “Trade Edition” added a so called facsimile of the 1876 First Edition. In the process of handling the illustrations for the facsimile, those on pages 10, 62 and 74 were faced away from, rather than toward the inner margins as in the original edition.The facsimile also reproduces the black end papers and blank fly leaves, thus creating the otherwise unaccountable black rectangles and blanks which follow the reproduction of the front cover and precede that of the back cover. The two limited editions are free of all these difficulties. A corrected second printing of the “Trade Edition’ will be available in the new year. Orders will be filled from the second printing, unless a copy of the first printing (with its faults) is requested.

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