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The Hunting of the Snark

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About my Snark hunt

About my Snark hunt
===== How I got into Snark hunting =====

In December 2008, I searched for “Hidden Faces” in the Wikipedia. I wanted to see whether an illustration by Henry Holiday (left) to Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark was mentioned there. (Now it is.) But instead of that I found Gheeraert's Allegory of Iconoclasm (right, aka The Image Breakers) in the Wikipedia article on hidden faces. And then I saw a little rhombic pattern in the “mouths” of the “heads” depicted in both illustrations. The Snark hunt had begun.

2009: Illustration by Henry Holiday to fit the eight in Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark
(This is the 2007 version of an image in

2008-12-16: Detail from "Hidden Faces" in,

Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder, Allegory of Iconoclasm, c.1566–1568 etching 15” x 10.4”, British Museum, London.
(In December 2008 the image was smaller:!Gheerhaets_Allegory_iconoclasm.jpg, but even there you can see the detail which cought my attention.)

Holiday and Gheeraerts I
(The blur is intentional. It removes unecessary details.)

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===== My first "Snark comparison" =====