Patterns from an illustration by Henry Holiday (and Joseph Swain) to the chapter The Vanishing in Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark (1876) and a segment (depicting a crucifix) from the Allegory of Iconoclasm (or The Image Breakers) by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder (c. 1567).

Henry Holiday might have placed a crucifix into the illustration depicting the Baker’s meeting with the Boojum. I think that this illustration also is about the burning of Thomas Cranmer, whose catholic period ended a few minutes before his cruel death. If so, the image shows two martyrs meeting what Lewis Carroll might have called “the Boojum”.

The image on the right side is a detail from The Imagebreakers (1566-1568, aka Allegory of Iconoclasm), an etching by Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder.

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