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In you’ll find a few assumptions. Among these are the following ones:

  1. The Baker (with four nicknames related to something which was heated or burned) could stand for Thomas Cranmer. As a Protestant, he wrote the Forty-Two Articles. Under threat, he left those articles behind like the Baker‘s Forty-Two Boxes. As a Catholic he had to believe in Macarius’ hyenas and Corbinian’s bear. He hoped that seven recantations could protect him like seven coats. But the protection didn’t work.
  2. Boots could be a portmanteau word for maker of Bonnets and Hoods. (This is an assumption by someone else, to which I agree.)
  3. The Beaver‘s lace making is “wrong” (in Carroll’s view) if lace making stands for vivisection.
  4. Lewis Carroll’s textual conundrums are paralleled by Henry Holiday’s pictorial conundrums. Of course Lewis Carroll and Henry Holiday took care of being able to deny to have given any meaning to anything in The Hunting of the Snark.

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Götz Kluge, Munich 2017-11-07

Snark in the Woods

Forestry Commission of England:


Arts Council England grant awarded for exciting forest theatre experiences

The Arts Council has awarded £139,000 to the Forestry Commission and theatre partner Burn the Curtain to develop their outdoor theatre experiences. The substantial grant will enable Burn the Curtain to tour their sell-out evening theatre show, The Company of Wolves, based on the stories by Angela Carter, to three more forest locations this autumn.

In addition, a new theatre show will be developed around the nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll, ‘The Hunting of the Snark’. The experience will tour across seven forests in 2018 and will be accompanied by ‘Snark Hunter’, an innovative app which will bring the poem to life for forest visitors across the country. []

(Thanks to Doug Howick for drawing my attention to this.)